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Q:Are the costs of property management tax write-offs?

A:Yes! No matter what type of management service you chose, comprehensive and tenant management as well as tenant placement and screening, are all costs that can be written off. We recommend you contact your accountant to confirm this and to seek details.

Q:Will you be inspecting my property regularly?

A:Yes. Whether you chose comprehensive management or tenant management, we will be conducting several inspections. We perform move in/out inspections as well as extensive annual inspections of all our properties. We also drive by our properties and walk the grounds regularly.

Q:How do you choose a good tenant?

A:Our tenant screening process is rather extensive. We perform credit checks and verify employment, as well as contact current and previous landlords. We sit down with each tenant and thoroughly discuss the lease so that they have a solid understanding of what they are getting into.

Q:Why is Western Realty a good choice to manage my property?

A:Western Realty has been helping investors manage their properties for over 25 years. Our staff consists of licensed real estate agents who sincerely want to help you. We are experienced in spotting potential problems before they become damaging. We develop a good rapport with our tenants which allows us to hold onto quality tenants long term. This reduces tenant turn-over, increasing profits to the owner.