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Providing all residents of San Luis Obispo County with quality, affordable housing is our highest priority.

With 52 years of experience assisting students and families like yours secure a comfortable, affordable place to live, Western Realty is here for you.

You can find out more specific information about our various locations below, or browse all currently available units. When you find the property you want to lease, you can submit an application right now.

properties Western Realty represents

1020 Maybelle Ct.

1025 Maybelle Ct.

1065 Maybelle Ct.

1085 Maybelle Ct.

1125 Maybelle Ct.

1260 Belridge St.

1540 Carson Lane

1610 Oceanaire Dr.

1623 Nipomo Street

1625 Nipomo Street

1675 21st St. # 4

1803 Royal Way

233 N. Oak Park Blvd

3591 Sacramento Ave. #20

3591 Sacramento Ave. #229

713 Park Street A & B, Paso Robles

713 Park Street, Paso Robles

Baywood Studios

Leff Street Apartments

Park Street Studio