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Western Realty is a partnership that represents its clients in the acquisition, marketing and management of real property. Western Investments is a sole proprietorship that manages the singular interest of real property.

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All information contained herein is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Listing prices, rent details, security deposits, availability dates and descriptions of property are subject to change without notice, and are not final until a contract is fully executed and accepted by each party to the contract.

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Our website contains hyperlinks to several external websites, such as PayPal. Those websites outside the Western Realty domain (westernrealtyslo.com) are neither maintained nor monitored by Western Realty. As such, the sole liability for the content of each externally linked website remains with its respective owner. While we consider payment of application fees through PayPal to be safe and reliable, Western Realty will not be held liable for any damage or loss caused by the use of this service. If you experience any problems with PayPal payments, visit their help center to find out how you can best solve them.

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